Mara Meru Cheetah Project

The Need

The Mara Meru Cheetah Project aims to secure habitats for the long-term survival of cheetahs and their ecosystems through multi-disciplined and integrated scientific research, community outreach and education programs.  They conduct their work in two areas of Kenya:  the Masai Mara National Reserve and Meru National Park.

Their work relies heavily on daily observation of the cheetahs.  They are able to identify and track cheetahs from their spots.  This means studying thousands of photographs and hours of video, much done with slow and outdate equipment.

Our Solution

The foundation provided them with new technology to do their research in a more efficient manner.  We donated $3,000 of new electronic equipment including: 4 laptops, external hard drives, memory cards, digital recorders, GPS units, rechargeable batteries and more.

Generous support from people like you allowed us to make this happen.