Current Projects

Molibany Primary School and Village of Talek Water Project

Students and faculty need to walk up to 5km to fetch water from the river. While it’s water, it’s not necessarily clean, safe drinking water. This leads to sickness and disease for the children and community.

We are in the process of raising $12,000 to be able to install a 2.8km waterline from the Olerai Conservancy who is generously donating 10,0000 litres/day of water from their well. Taps will be installed inside the Molibany Primary School property as well as outside for the Talek community.

Completed Projects

Molibany Primary School Desks

Molibany Primary School Desks

In many instances students in the older grades have to share desks. In the younger grades, they many not have desks at all and sit on the floor.

Mara Meru Cheetah Project

Mara Meru Cheetah Project

They are able to identify and track cheetahs from their spots.  This means studying thousands of photographs and hours of video, much done with slow and outdate equipment.

Our Story

For nearly 50 years, Satao was one of the largest tusker elephants to roam Kenya. He’s called a “tusker” because his tusks nearly reached the ground and each one weighed in excess of 100 pounds. During his lifetime he managed to survive the threats of predators, fire, flood, drought and humans. However, on May 30, 2014, he couldn’t dodge a poisoned dart and was murdered for his ivory. His senseless death motivated me, Peter Balunek, to take action and become a voice for animals and to find a way to improve the lives of wildlife. I created the Satao Wildlife Foundation in honor of Satao.

Benefit to Wildlife

Wildlife is a significant source of tourism revenue for African countries like Kenya. Through the efforts of the Satao Wildlife Foundation, and other community organizations, we are working to make sure that local residents realize the economic benefit of tourism in their community. The Masai Mara Reserve is a source of local jobs, and through projects like the Molibany School Project, the rest of the community benefits as well.

The end result is a win for wildlife and a win for the community. Our goal is for the local residents to see wildlife tourism as a way to make their communities stronger and create a path to education, healthcare and a brighter future for their families and the community.

When we improve the lives of people, we improve the lives of wildlife.

Family Philanthropic Adventure

We have an opportunity for you to improve the lives of people and wildlife. It’s called the Family Philanthropic Adventure.

If you are charitably inclined and want to pass along that value of giving to your children and grandchildren, we can identify community conservation projects where you and your family can make an immediate and direct impact.

Impact Giving

Impact giving allows you and your family to see firsthand what your donations can and will do for people who live with wildlife. Because many of Peter’s guests have asked how they can offer assistance, Peter founded the Satao Wildlife Foundation, a 501c(3) public charity, named in honor of the elephant that changed the direction of Peter’s life.

How Your Donations Can Help With Future Projects

Areas in which your contributions can create significant, positive impact include:

  • Education
  • Park Rangers and Law Enforcement
  • Non-Government Organizations
  • Medical Brigades
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Animal Rescue and Orphanages

100% of your donation goes to our projects and all donations, regardless of size, will have a major impact on this project. Here are examples of how far your donation can go:

  • $50 buys one, lower school desk for six students
  • $750 buys ten, upper school desks
  • $2,500 outfits upper school classroom with chalk boards and desks
  • $7,500 builds a classroom or office

You will fund your project through the Satao Wildlife Foundation, and we execute it. We will take your family to Africa to see your project and meet the people whose lives you’ve changed through your generous support. Afterward, you will enjoy the safari of a lifetime with those closest to you.